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The Elite Wagyu Experience - $500

The Elite Wagyu Experience - $500

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Introducing the Elite Wagyu Experience, a box crafted for the discerning connoisseur. This exclusive selection features only Full Blood Wagyu cuts, embodying the pinnacle of taste and quality:

  • Full Blood Wagyu New York Strips: Two luxurious 16oz cuts, a favorite among steak enthusiasts for their rich flavors.
  • Full Blood Wagyu Ribeyes: Two 16oz cuts, known for their deeply satisfying flavor and rich marbling.
  • Full Blood Wagyu Filets: Two tender 8oz cuts, celebrated for their tenderness and fine texture.
  • Full Blood Wagyu Smash Balls: Four packs, each containing 2 smash balls (4oz each), perfect for creating mouthwatering smash burgers.

Each cut in this box is carefully selected to celebrate the exceptional quality of Full Blood Wagyu, providing an indulgent and memorable culinary experience for true aficionados.