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American Wagyu Brisket Flat

American Wagyu Brisket Flat

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American Wagyu Beef Brisket Flat - Not Available In Stores

About the Cut

This American Wagyu Beef Brisket Flat is sometimes referred to as the "First Cut." It's the leaner half of the brisket and is perfect for slicing and serving on a classic brisket sandwich with pickles.

Flavor and Fat Profile

Our brisket has a stunning marbling and a generous fat cap, which come together to create a mouthwatering, tender and beefy umami that's sure to win at any barbecue competition or impress at a family dinner.


To prepare this amazing cut of meat, simply braise, grill, roast, or smoke it low and slow. This allows the fat cap to melt into the brisket and creates the most delicious, tender, and beefy bite you've ever had.

Dish and Recipe Suggestions

Use your favorite rub or marinade to add even more flavor to your brisket. You can make anything from corned beef to Reuben sandwiches with this versatile cut.

Quality Guarantee

All of our beef is all-natural, with no additives or preservatives. We never use hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics and our brisket is dry-aged for 21 days for even deeper flavor.

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