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This American Wagyu Tri Tip, also known as Newport Steak, Santa Maria Steak, Triangle Tip and Triangle Steak, is a backyard barbeque staple and high-end steakhouse favorite.

Triangle tip's intense, juicy flavor and tender, juicy mouth-feel will make you swoon.

Our American Wagyu Tri Tip will amaze you with its flavor profile and smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture, thanks to the generous fat marbling that is only possible with excellent care at Cross Creek Ranch.

With its smoky flavor and balanced fat profile, American Wagyu Tri Tip is an ideal cut for backyard barbecues or 4th of July picnics. 

A great choice for grilling, smoking, or roasting.


Cut: American Wagyu Tri Tip Steak is a thick cut of beef in the shape of a triangle from the underside of the sirloin.

Flavor / Fat Profile: This quality cut has excellent marbling and a soft texture. Rich and meaty, Tri Tip is the epitome of backyard barbeque.

Preparation: There are many ways to cook Tri Tip, from slow-cooking to flash-cooking to open-flame cooking. To get the best taste, we recommend grilling it using the Santa Maria method (a town known for its tri tip). By using this method, you will create a beautiful char, making your meat extra juicy. Regardless of the cooking method you choose, be sure to cook the steak whole for maximum beef flavor.

Dish / Recipe Suggestions: Tri tip steak can act as the star of your meal or thinly sliced and served as a sandwich, salad or kebabs. While this cut doesn’t need much more than salt and pepper, you can try your favorite rub or marinade to give the tri tip a flavor boost.

All Natural, no additives, no preservatives

No Hormones, No Sub-therapeutic Antibiotics

Dry Aged 21 Days

Due to variations in our cattle; weight, size, and color will vary by cut


Your backyard is filled with the delicious aroma of perfectly charred meat promising juicy tri tip, gently announcing dinner time to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Old and young alike are trembling in anticipation of the best meal of their lives.

Because you are such an expert griller, you did your research and your efforts to produce the best cooked American Wagyu Tri Tip have paid off!

With the help of Cross Creek Ranch’s American Wagyu Tri Tip, your barbeque is a success.

It won't be long before your Tri Tip is the talk of the neighborhood and your grilling skills are in high demand.


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    Wagyu cattle raised in the USA
    Raised in the USA

    Home grown, Heaven sent

    All natural Wagyu meat
    All Natural

    No Additives, No Preservatives

    No growth hormones used in our animals
    No Hormones

    Quality takes time

    Our animals are grown at normal rates
    No Subtherapeutic Antibiotics

    Pure meat, no funny business

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    Whenever in the Santa Barbara, California area our go-to is the Hitching Post II where you can get the original Santa Maria prepared Tri Tip Platter or Sandwich that is true western Americana BBQ! We have our own take starting with not just any tri-tip but an American Wagyu Tri Tip.

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    American Wagyu Tri Tip

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