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American Wagyu Outside Skirt Steak, also known as Romanian Tenderloin, Romanian Steak, Philadelphia Steak or Arrachera, are among the tastiest and most delicate steaks on the market.

This is a beautifully marbled steak that is the perfect combination of flavor and tenderness.

With its high fat-to-meat proportion, Outside Skirt Steak is juicy, moist and has a rich savory flavor. 

Whether grilled, seared or slow-roasted, this steak has the perfect balance of beefy flavor and tender texture.

Cut: Wagyu Outside Skirt Steaks are cut from two muscles below the rib cage, an area called the "Beef Plate".

Flavor / Fat Profile: This steak is known for its rich flavor and fatty texture. With beautiful threads of fat throughout, this cut has a buttery texture and a subtly sweet taste.

Preparation: The best way to cook Outside Skirt Steak is medium rare on the hottest grill possible.

Dish / Recipe Suggestions: American Wagyu Outside Skirt Steak is best served thinly sliced against the grain as steak sandwiches, fajitas or carne asada.

All Natural, no additives, no preservatives

No Hormones, No Sub-therapeutic Antibiotics

Dry Aged 21 Days

Due to variations in our cattle; weight, size, and color will vary by cut

For Taco Tuesday, your family deserves nothing but the best, which is why you chose Outside Skirt Steak. 

Outside Skirt Steak replaces your regular ground beef with a meaty, decadent flavor you'll love.

This mouthwatering flavor will have your family begging for more.

With Cross Creek Ranch's American Wagyu Outside Skirt Steak, your weeknight family dinner will be a fiesta.

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    Wagyu cattle raised in the USA

    Raised in the USA

    Home grown, Heaven sent

    All natural Wagyu meat

    All Natural

    No Additives, No Preservatives

    No growth hormones used in our animals

    No Hormones

    Quality takes time

    Our animals are grown at normal rates

    No Subtherapeutic Antibiotics

    Pure meat, no funny business

    The quiet valley where we raise our Wagyu cattle.

    Cross Creek Ranch, Exceptional Meats

    Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Cross Creek Ranch is home to the highest quality 100% Full Blooded Wagyu and authentic American Wagyu cattle in the US. At 2,300 acres, Cross Creek Ranch has the luxury of allowing our cattle 'room to roam' within a safe, stress-free environment ensuring that they get the right amount of exercise, fresh air, and rest to be at peak health. We know that happy cows are healthy cows, and happy healthy cows become amazing meat!

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    American Wagyu Outside Skirt Steak

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