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American Wagyu Brisket Whole

American Wagyu Brisket Whole

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American Wagyu Whole Brisket

The Quintessential Brisket Experience

Immerse yourself in the epitome of barbecue luxury with our American Wagyu Whole Brisket. Hailing from premier American Wagyu beef farms, this whole brisket is a masterpiece of marbling and flavor. With a lavish fat cap adorning the top, it guarantees a roast that's tender, succulent, and brimming with a rich, savory essence.

Impressive Features

  • Sourced from the superior brisket/shank section of full-blooded American Wagyu beef
  • Impeccable marbling and fat cap contributing to a tender, juicy, and pronounced beef flavor
  • Committed to natural quality: free from hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • Aged with precision: Dry-aged for 21 days to accentuate flavor and tenderness
  • A cut destined for memorable occasions, whether it be family feasts or weekend BBQs

Masterful Preparation

  • The revered 'low and slow' approach is the secret to unlocking the brisket's potential
  • Enhance with your chosen seasonings to create a signature dish that's uniquely yours
  • Anticipated cook time spans 8-12 hours, varying by cooking technique and brisket size

Versatile Culinary Creations

  • Complement its robustness with classic BBQ accompaniments like creamy coleslaw or smoky baked beans
  • Venture into the realm of deli classics by crafting your own corned beef or the iconic Reuben sandwich
  • Maintain the brisket's prime condition by storing it in the freezer, ready for that momentous BBQ

Our Pledge of Excellence

We promise unparalleled satisfaction with each purchase. Click 'Add To Cart' to secure your slice of American heritage today! Prices in USD.