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American Wagyu Carne Asada

American Wagyu Carne Asada

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Exclusive Culinary Delight: American Wagyu Carne Asada

A Symphony of Flavors: Experience the luxury of grilling with Cross Creek Ranch's American Wagyu Carne Asada. Our superior "Grilled Meat" is a feast of juicy, buttery flavors with an astonishingly tender texture that elevates it above the ordinary.

Premium Cut: Our Carne Asada begins with the finest Wagyu Skirt Steak, carefully sourced from the richly marbled "Beef Plate" beneath the rib cage. Each slice promises a taste of opulence and quality craftsmanship.

Flavorful Essence: The inner Skirt Steak's robust fat content unfolds into a cascade of umami with each bite. Marinated and grilled, this cut dazzles the palate and sets the stage for a memorable meal.

Masterful Preparation: Immerse your Carne Asada in a marinade overnight to deepen its complex flavors. For a perfect sear, cook the slices swiftly on a high-heat skillet or grill, each side needing no more than two minutes to achieve perfection.

Versatile Creations: Transform your tacos, burritos, nachos, and fries into gourmet creations with our Carne Asada. Its versatility is matched only by its exceptional taste, making any dish a celebratory occasion.

Trusted Quality:

  • Pure Excellence: All-natural, free from additives and preservatives.
  • Ethical Raising: No hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics used.
  • Enhanced Flavor: Dry-aged for 21 days, intensifying taste and tenderness.
  • Unique Characteristics: Embrace the individuality of our cuts, with variations that speak to the natural raising of our cattle.

Elevate Your Gatherings: Make every family fiesta a luxurious affair with Cross Creek Ranch's American Wagyu Carne Asada. Revel in the accolades as your culinary creation becomes the centerpiece of the celebration.

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