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American Wagyu Cowboy Steak

American Wagyu Cowboy Steak

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Exclusively Online: Premium American Wagyu Cowboy Steak

Discover the pinnacle of beef cuts with our exquisite American Wagyu Cowboy Steak, a luxurious Bone-In Ribeye, also known as the Tomahawk Steak. Weighing between 2 to 5 pounds each, these majestic cuts are not found in stores and are reserved for true steak connoisseurs.

Harvested from Wagyu cattle grazing the lush Colorado foothills, every bite of this steak exudes a deep, rich flavor that's synonymous with the finest Wagyu beef. Despite its grand size, our Cowboy Steak is remarkably tender, offering a succulent, buttery texture that melts in your mouth.

Embrace the boldness of the Cowboy Steak, a culinary adventure that satisfies the most robust appetites and promises an unrivaled taste experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Epicurean Details:

  • Cut: Our American Wagyu Cowboy Steak is a grander take on the classic Bone-In Ribeye, including a 2-inch thick rib bone for a majestic presentation.
  • Flavor Profile: Cross Creek Ranch Cowboy Steak features a superior level of marbling, ensuring each cut is incredibly tender and full of flavor.
  • Preparation Advice: Given the thickness of this steak, we recommend using a meat thermometer to achieve your perfect level of doneness. Grill, smoke, or pan-sear this steak to gastronomic perfection.
  • Serving Suggestions: Let this robust steak take center stage at your dining table, accompanied by gourmet sides like roasted Brussels sprouts or creamy mashed potatoes.

Quality You Can Trust:

  • All-Natural: Our steaks come with a promise of no additives or preservatives.
  • Responsibly Raised: Free from hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics.
  • Artisanal Aging: Dry-aged for 21 days to intensify the natural flavors and tenderness.

Experience steakhouse excellence in your home with Cross Creek Ranch's American Wagyu Cowboy Steak. With uniform thickness and expert butchery, our steaks guarantee the peak of flavor, tenderness, and juiciness.

Our cattle are raised on pasture and finished with a specialized diet to optimize the marbling and richness of each steak, ensuring a taste that will delight even the most particular meat lovers.

Elevate your grilling to expert status with a steak that defines luxury — the Cross Creek Ranch American Wagyu Cowboy Steak. Ready for a taste revolution?

Click Add To Cart now and indulge in a steak experience that's beyond compare.

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