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American Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak

American Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak

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We proudly present our American Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye Steak. Known to butchers as a cut from the "Chuck Primal" or the upper shoulder of the cow, this cut is a tender, beefy steak that is perfect for any occasion.

This steak holds a balanced flavor profile with a delicious blend of beefy sweetness and umami goodness. The rich marbling characteristic of Wagyu breeds ensures a delectable, tender bite every time, making these steaks a must-have for your next dinner party.

Cut: The Chuck Eye Steak, cut from the upper shoulder of the cow, showcases characteristics similar to the popular Ribeye.

Flavor / Fat Profile: American Wagyu Chuck Eye steaks are highly marbled, tender, and rich in flavor. The well-balanced profile encompasses a blend of rich beef flavor, Wagyu sweetness, and umami goodness.

Preparation: This versatile steak is delightful when grilled, broiled, or pan-seared. For a perfect steak, we recommend grilling over high heat or searing in a well-buttered cast iron pan.

Dish Suggestions: Given its likeness to Ribeye, the Chuck Eye Steak is a star of any dish. Enhance its rich texture and flavor by adding herb butter before grilling.

Quality Assurance: All our steaks are all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and dry-aged for 21 days to ensure maximum flavor. Please note that due to natural variations in our cattle, the weight, size, and color of the cuts may vary.

Experience: Picture the satisfying sizzle of these steaks on your grill, the rich aroma filling your home. Each bite of this perfectly grilled steak will leave your family quietly savoring its buttery taste and tender texture.

End your day on a high note with these American Wagyu Chuck Eye Steaks from Cross Creek Ranch.

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