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American Wagyu Osso Buco

American Wagyu Osso Buco

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Enjoy your Italian grandma’s mouthwatering slow cooked meal with American Osso Buco. Osso Buco (also known as beef shank, the forearm of the animal) is a cross-cut of premium Wagyu beef shank revealing a marrow filled center which is how it got its name, Italian for “bone with a hole”. Its Wagyu umami comes from the bone marrow of the center bone melting and dispersing into the beef during cooking. 

While Osso Buco beef is tougher than other Wagyu beef cuts, its umami has significant complexity and depth. Osso Buco requires a long cooking time, allowing the bone marrow to melt, bathing the beef in a perfectly moist and delicious meal and filling your kitchen with mouth-watering aromas.

  • Cut: Taken from the foreshank (part of the Brisket / Shank primal) located from the shoulder to the elbow. The butcher cuts the connective tissue in the shoulder, allowing the muscle to relax. The cut includes the center bone.
  • Flavor / Fat Profile: American Osso Buco Wagyu beef is not very tender. However, its flavor profile is quite complex when the bone marrow from the its center bone melts into the beef during cooking.
  • Preparation: Due to its tough, sinewy consistency, it is best to cook Osso Buco over a long period of time in moist heat. The best way to bring out Osso Buco’s flavor is through braising.
  • Dish / Recipe Suggestions: Osso Buco, soup stocks and beef broths. Best paired with side dishes of risotto, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables or Polenta. We recommend serving with a pinch of finely chopped Gremolata.
  • All Natural, no additives, no preservatives
  • No Hormones, No Sub-therapeutic Antibiotics
  • Due to variations in our cattle; weight, size, and color will vary by cut

After enjoying the smell of Osso Buco braising all day, it’s easy to imagine yourself gathering with friends and family at a beautiful villa in the Italian countryside enjoying good conversation, wine and a well cooked meal. With its bold flavors and supple mouthfeel, Osso Buco is the perfect meal to serve at your next dinner party.Click Add To Cart to order yours now!

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