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Full Blood Wagyu Brisket Flat

Full Blood Wagyu Brisket Flat

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Full Blood Wagyu Beef Brisket Flat - The Pinnacle of BBQ

Unrivaled Quality, Unavailable Elsewhere

Ignite your grilling passion with our Full Blood Wagyu Beef Brisket Flat, affectionately known as the "First Cut." Revered for its exceptional marbling and rich fat cap, this brisket transforms every meal into a celebration of tenderness and deep, beefy flavors.

Premium Cut

The Brisket Flat, meticulously carved from the brisket/shank section, is the star of traditional brisket sandwiches. Its perfect sliceability pairs with its rich flavor to create the ultimate sandwich experience.

Flavor and Texture Excellence

Embrace the unrivaled tenderness of our Full Blood Wagyu Brisket. Adorned with exquisite marbling and a luxurious fat cap, it's the hallmark of gourmet beef craftsmanship.

The Art of Cooking Wagyu

Achieve brisket nirvana through the revered low and slow cooking techniques. Roast, smoke, braise, or grill to let the fat cap tenderly weave its magic into the meat, leaving an unforgettable taste in every bite.

Diverse Culinary Delights

From the heartiness of Corned Beef to the classic Reuben Sandwich, our brisket's versatility shines. The slow-cooked nature allows for a rich infusion of your chosen spices and marinades, making it a dish that adapts to your taste.

Commitment to Natural Integrity

Our dedication to purity is uncompromising. Enjoy all-natural Full Blood Wagyu Beef Brisket Flat without additives or preservatives, free from hormones and antibiotics, and aged 21 days for flavor that's simply unparalleled.

Our Promise

Experience the distinction with each slice—while variations are natural due to our cattle's uniqueness, the excellence of our Wagyu Beef Brisket is a constant promise. It's not just beef; it's the signal to gather, dine, and delight.

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