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American Wagyu Brisket Point

American Wagyu Brisket Point

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American Wagyu Beef Brisket Point - Exclusive to Our Store

About the Cut

Renowned as the 'Second Cut' in the brisket world, our American Wagyu Brisket Point is the epitome of succulence. Richly marbled, it's perfect for those who love their brisket with a little more fat—ideal for creating that melt-in-your-mouth experience after a long, slow cook.

Flavor and Fat Profile

The Wagyu Brisket Point is a testament to the peak of flavor. With its intricate marbling and lush fat cap, it offers an incomparable tenderness and a rich, beefy umami that distinguishes itself at any culinary event.


The beauty of this cut lies in its versatility. Smoke it, grill it, roast it, or braise it—our Brisket Point is adaptable to your favorite cooking method. The patience required for 'low and slow' preparation is rewarded with unrivaled taste and tenderness.

Dish and Recipe Suggestions

This cut's adaptability shines through whether you're crafting a brisket fit for a king or slicing it for a savory sandwich. Immerse it in your preferred spices and seasonings to discover its potential in a variety of dishes.

Quality Guarantee

We commit to excellence with our all-natural, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free American Wagyu Brisket Point, dry-aged for 21 days to ensure the most profound depth of flavor.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority with every purchase, all priced in USD.