Foundation Sires

Foundation Sires

Foundation Sires (for the cattle nerds)

At Cross Creek Ranch we've focused our breeding efforts on producing Fullblood and Crossbreed cattle using the best and most famous Wagyu sires and dams. For the uninitiated, Wagyu genetics and genealogy are serious business. At one time it was forbidden to export Wagyu from Japan, however in the 70's and 80's that began to change. Since that time Japanese ranchers (and the Japanese government) have kept very tight control over yearly Wagyu exports - both of animals as well as breeding material. Due to this worldwide scarcity, it's become necessary to keep meticulous records of each and every Wagyu cow to prove it's genetic heritage. The following is a list of the sires (bulls) used at Cross Creek Ranch to breed our herds.

    Itoshigenami TF148 is considered to be one of the top three bulls exported from Japan. He is a medium frame bull with excellent conformation and clocks in at a standard 1,650lbs. His offspring exhibit an excellent balance in all traits, both for quality beef production and cattle production. Producing carcasses of the highest quality, characterized by an abundance of very fine marbling, extremely soft fat with a low temperature melting point. He has directly sired roughly 370 Registered Fullblood offspring and an unknown number of progeny used in beef production. Itoshigenami TF148 is a carrier of "F11", but Free from all remaining Genetic Defects.
    Itozurudoi TF151 is known as a fabulous composite bull: 50% Tajima, 25% Fujiyoshi, & 25% Kedaka line. He was an extremely large bull, weighing in at 2,420lbs. and carried early maturing traits that produced great Fullblood mothers with excellent milk. Itozurudoi is known as the best marbling bull of the Fujiyoshi bloodlines. Unfortunately, by the time his progeny was tested and his value discovered, he had already passed away, leaving behind a very limited supply of semen. Itozurudoi TF151is was a carrier of " F11", but was free from genetic defects when alive.
    Itoshigefuji is a prominent sire used to produce breeding females. Offspring from these females produce excellent carcass, have the best average daily gains, feature early maturing, and have, arguably, the best marbling from the Dai 7 Itozakura bloodline. These females also carry a calf very well on pasture. Itoshigefuji is a line bred Itofuji son.
    Mitsuhikokuru is the highest percentage Shimane bloodline bull outside of Japan. His rare genetics are known for producing breeding females with exceptional milking ability and maternal traits. His offspring consistency feature deep chest cavities and good top line. The carcasses have good marbling and a very large eye muscle area.
    At 2,000 lbs., Kikuyasu 400 was the largest 100% Tajima Fullblood bull ever exported from Japan. His offspring are noticeably tall and characterized by their large Ribeye area. While dams are considered to be poor milk producers both males and females consistently end up as top carcasses. Kikuyasu has sired several outstanding females, including Blackmore Kinu TO77 who's progeny consistently achieves a marbling grading of 9 and higher.
    Yasufuku JR (FB5061) is the son of Yasufuku J930, the bull that sired and grand sired many of the top marbling champion bulls in Japan. His dam is well known Kaneko 5. He has produced many calves, has been recognized as a major contributor to the Japanese Black Wagyu breed. He produces great cattle with sturdy bodies and the most desirable genotype (AA) for SCD testing for healthy fat marbling.
    Itohana's progeny produces good quality carcasses and adds good milking ability to the Tajima lines. He is ideal for producing breeding females and is a line bred of Dai 7 Itozakura. TF Itohana 2 is a Fujiyoshi Fullblood Wagyu bull used to increase frame size. His progeny average a live weight off roughly 1,040lbs. His progeny also exhibit excellent maternal ability, good milking ability, and good frame size. He is a male calf of Aino 6 -a notable fact given that 100% of the carcasses from the Aino group graded as A5 - the highest grade possible!
    Itomoritaka 002 is known for producing progeny with strong growth and ideal frame combined with strong maternal traits in female progeny. Although Itomoritaka 002 is a carrier of "CHS", he is free from all expressions of genetic defects.
    Hirashigetayasu's lineage is characterized by a strong propensity for growth & balance with large framed cattle being the norm. Maternal line is balanced to enhance marbling characteristics & some more growth.
    Previously ranked #4 in marbling in the USA, Takazakura comes from the famous Yasufuku 930 FB576 sire (which sired the top 3 marbling Sires in Japan). Takazakura and his line are known for excellent meat quality, good average daily weight gain, & calm temperaments. His offspring are larger framed, heavier muscled, and have excellent body length.
    Son of the renowned Kitaguni 7-8 and Nakayuki J13943, and grandson of Dai 7 Itozakura, Kitaguni JR is a Fujiyoshi and Shimane bull. Typically crossed with Tajima heifers, Kitaguni Jr's calves generally have increased frame size and enhanced growth that yields a marbled beef grading ranging from Prime+ to Prime+++.
    Michifuku is thought to be the best carcass bull to ever leave Japan. Even with smaller framed offspring, his progeny's carcass characteristics are superb. Michifuku was formerly the number one marbling bull in the U.S. Wagyu Sire Summary, and consistently ranks second in ribeye area (REA), and fourth in backfat thickness (EPD).

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