The Best Way to Prepare Wagyu Flat Iron Steaks

The Best Way to Prepare Wagyu Flat Iron Steaks

Ready to treat yourself to the ultimate steak experience? Wagyu flat iron steak is an indulgent meal that is sure to impress. With this simple and delicious recipe, you can prepare a juicy and flavorful flat iron steak at home in no time.

Select your steaks.

Wagyu steak is the most prized cut of cow, and its buttery texture and intense flavor are sure to please your palate. When purchasing wagyu flat iron steaks, be sure to look for marbling in the fat throughout the steak. Marbling indicates a higher-quality steak that will be more flavorful and tender when cooked. 

Every Full Blood Wagyu or American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak from Cross Creek Ranch will be perfect for this recipe.

Prepare the marinade.

To make the marinade for your wagyu flat iron steaks, combine 1/4 cup of olive oil, 2 cloves of finely minced garlic, 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, and one teaspoon of sea salt in a large bowl. Once the ingredients are combined thoroughly, add two wagyu flat iron steaks to the bowl and coat them evenly with the marinade. Cover and allow to sit in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before cooking.

Sear both sides of each steak in the pre-heated skillet for 3 minutes each side, or until desired degree of doneness is achieved.

Get a heavy-bottomed skillet and heat it for at least 10 minutes over high heat. Place the steaks in the preheated skillet and sear both sides for 3 minutes each, or until your desired degree of doneness is achieved. Be sure to use tongs while flipping; pressing a steak with a spatula will give you an uneven cook. Once both sides of your Wagyu flat iron steaks are satisfactorily seared, turn off the stove and move them onto a plate lined with paper towels. Cover loosely with foil and allow them to rest for 5–6 minutes to keep the juices in before slicing. Enjoy!

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