Know your source.

When it comes to food no matter what that label says, ”Know your source!” Do you remember the last time you had a hand-picked blueberry at a local u-pick farm? It was clear that these blueberries were different, larger, juicier, and sweeter. Hardworking farmers will tell you that all blueberries are not created equal. Blueberries that go to big box stores have less juice and thicker skin so that the fruit doesn’t bruise. Is it news to anyone in 2022 that buying produce from the store is inferior to local organic and conscientious farmers? When you KNOW YOUR SOURCE, you know where that fruit comes from and how it was planted, nurtured, and grown. The bonus is that locally grown or garden-sourced fruits and veggies, taste as they should taste. Maybe that's why ranch dressing is so popular, to add some flavor to the not-so-fresh salads we've been eating. The point is; there are alternatives.
While farmer’s markets can be a good option for your own garden, u pick or co-op please be smart and KNOW YOUR SOURCE. Take time to ask the farm stand or farmer whether they are the ones that grew the produce they are offering. Large farms repackage their wares to appear small, quaint, local, and organic. Ask about their spray / no spray philosophy and how far that produce has traveled to the Saturday morning Farmers Market.
It's important for your nutrition and health to understand the source of your produce. You should understand where your meat is coming from as well. We will spare the gory details on the mass production of meat and the maltreatment of cattle. A quick internet search will give you more regretful information than you will want. The majority of the world's beef supply is being produced by large cattle companies more focused on profit than you. This means their carbon footprint, the health of the animals and employees, the quality of the beef, and your health, are all second to profits. Often, this means that large beef suppliers treat their cattle poorly and use substandard feed.
Small herds managed by conscientious ranchers are popping up and they cry out for our support. At Cross Creek Ranch we are committed to a carbon-neutral farm, humane treatment of our pasture raised cattle, and even make sure our processor has the same values. When putting down cattle in an inhumane manner, hormones from the animal release, changing the flavor and the nutrition of the product. Ranchers who treat their small herds to the best free-ranging, stress-free environments produce the best meat. KNOW YOUR SOURCE means knowing what you are feeding the people you care about. Spending a little bit more for a better quality of food is the gift we give our family. There is both a flavor and nutrition profile difference with beef bred for quality and mass-produced “Big Box” and grocery store beef. If you care about what goes into your body three words of advice; KNOW YOUR SOURCE!