The impeccable flavor and tenderness of CCR Wagyu is attributed to the superior genetics of our cattle. Though Wagyu Beef is a relatively new to the U.S., the bloodline of the Japanese Cattle (Wagyu), the genetic strain of these animals stretches thousands of years. Wagyu beef yields ancient genetics that originate from the cattle that served as hearty draft animals, selected specifically for their endurance. Because of the Wagyu’s physical superiority, their beef holds more intra-muscular fat calls which create their impeccable flavor and low cholesterol.

Sourcing from the finest Wagyu lineage in the United States and internationally, our cattle contain the highest percentage of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are essential to heart health and aiding chronic disease. The result of our careful selection of genetics are hearty cattle which produce premium marbling and a flavor that tastes like a delicacy from your dinner table.”