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Full Blood Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye steak

Full Blood Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye steak

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Introducing our Full Blood Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye Roast. This robust, hearty cut is a feast of flavors that offers an unmatched dining experience. Bursting with marbling, this roast is juicy, tender, and deliciously savory.

Cut: The Chuck Eye Roast, sourced from the upper shoulder or "Chuck Primal" of the cow, is a wonderfully versatile cut that promises a succulent feast every time.

Flavor / Fat Profile: Our Wagyu Chuck Eye Roasts have a natural richness in marbling, delivering a tender, mouthwateringly flavorful experience with every bite.

Preparation: This adaptable roast can be oven-baked, slow-cooked, or smoked to perfection. For maximum flavor and tenderness, we recommend slow-cooking at a low temperature.

Dish Suggestions: Ideal for pot roasts, slow-cooked BBQ, or oven-baked dinners, the Chuck Eye Roast is a comforting centerpiece. Basting it with a rich sauce or marinating it overnight can enhance its deep, meaty flavor.

Quality Assurance: All our roasts are all-natural with no additives or preservatives. They're hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and dry-aged for 21 days for maximum flavor. However, please note, due to natural variations in our cattle, weight, size, and color will vary by cut.

Experience: Picture your family gathered around the dinner table, the aroma of slow-cooked roast wafting through the air. Every bite of this tender, flavorful roast will leave your family more than satisfied, enjoying the depth of its rich, meaty taste.

Elevate your family meals with this Full Blood Wagyu Chuck Eye Roast from Cross Creek Ranch.

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