Pure Wagyu Beef Filet Mignon Steak

"Is this even real life? This filet is mind blowing!"

100% Full Blood Wagyu Beef Filet Mignon Steak
100% Full Blood Wagyu Beef Filet Mignon Steak
  • Cut:  Wagyu Filet Mignon is cut from the center portion of the tenderloin.
  • Flavor / Fat Profile:  Its abundant marbling provides a decadent buttery texture and complex flavor. 100% Full-Blooded Wagyu Filet Mignon is so unbelievably tender, each bite will melt in your mouth.
  • Preparation:  With its beautifully complex flavor and exquisite marbling, it is best to first pan-sear your filet to lock in its fatty juices and delicious umami before grilling.
  • Dish / Recipe Suggestions:  Hibachi Grilled Bacon Wraps, Filet Mignon Fajitas, Beef Fondue, Steak Tartare. Wagyu Filet Mignon is a versatile beef and can be used in recipes as simple as Steak and Potatoes to complex recipes like Reverse Seared Filet Mignon au Poivre with Garlic Herb Compound Butter.
  • All Natural, no additives, no preservatives
  • No Hormones, No Sub-therapeutic Antibiotics
  • Due to variations in our cattle; weight, size, and color will vary by cut.
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"An amazing experience, I cannot believe I made this on my home grill!"

100% Full Blood Wagyu Beef Filet Mignon Steak

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One of the most delicate cuts of beef, Wagyu Filet Mignon Steak overwhelms the senses with its amazing umami flavor, texture and tenderness.

Cut from the center of the tenderloin, Filet Mignon is exceptionally tender with exquisite marbling, rich, decadent flavor and soft mouth-feel, making it the most accessible of steak cuts.

Impress your date or dinner guests with a perfectly prepared Filet Mignon that will melt in their mouth.

Whether pan-seared, grilled or served as a steak tartare, Wagyu Filet Mignon amplifies your best recipe to make it a truly memorable meal.

Feel your mouth watering in anticipation as you pan-sear your Wagyu Filet Mignon, locking in the decadent flavors. Thanks to its adaptability, Filet Mignon is easy to prepare and difficult to mess up. Whoever your dinner guest may be, rest assured they will be thoroughly impressed by your masterful cooking skills as you cook your Filet to perfection.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order

Wagyu cattle raised in the USA
Raised in the USA

Home grown, Heaven sent

All natural Wagyu meat
All Natural

No Additives, No Preservatives

No growth hormones used in our animals
No Hormones

Quality takes time

Our animals are grown at normal rates
No Subtherapeutic Antibiotics

Pure meat, no funny business


  • What is Wagyu Filet Mignon?

    100% Full Blood Wagyu Filet Mignon Steak, also known as a Scotch fillet, Spencer, Delmonico, Beauty, or Sarket steak, is a king among beef cuts with its extra juicy umami flavor, spectacular marbling, and silky texture. Cut from the center (or “eye”) of the prime rib roast, Filet Mignon Steak has an excellent fat to meat ratio, providing a lacy intramuscular marbling that renders into the most indulgent bite of beef you’ve ever tasted.

  • How much does a Wagyu Filet Mignon cost?

    While you can expect to pay $10.00 - $20.00, per pound, for a select Black Angus Filet Mignon from your local supermarket, expect to pay between $70 and $120, per pound, for a Full Blood Wagyu Filet Mignon steak. Right now, the price of a Cross Creek Ranch 100% Full Blood Wagyu Filet Mignon steak hovers around $95.00 per pound and an American Wagyu Filet Mignon can be had for about $80.00 per pound.

  • Is Wagyu Filet Mignon good?

    Filet Mignon is widely considered to be the ultimate cut of beef due to the natural tenderness, flavor, and fat marbling. The generous marbling of the Full Blood Wagyu Filet Mignon steak renders at super low temperatures, suffusing the meat with explosive Umami flavor, yielding the juiciest most tender cut of beef you've ever had.

  • How do you cook Wagyu Filet Mignon?

    Wagyu Filet Mignon can be prepared using your favorite steak cooking methods: pan seared oven finished, Sous Vide, butter basted, BBQ grilled. Simple seasonings work best so you can taste the Wagyu itself, rather than your seasonings. Salt & Pepper with Garlic Powder or your favorite spice should do the trick. Due to the intense fat marbling, some care should be taken of methods like grilling that can throw off hot oils or juices!

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"This is what I've come to expect from Wagyu steak, these things blow the doors off of anything else! Can't wait to order more!"

- Jeff P.

"I was scared to try cooking Wagyu steaks for the first time, you don't want to mess it up, but between my sous vide machine and my grill, I got it done. It was amazing! I even dreamed about it last night."

- Tim L.

"Sometimes we get lucky with Prime steaks being nicely marbled, but Cross Creek Ranch Wagyu steaks always surprise us with their consistency and flavor. I'm in heaven!"

- Patti H.

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The quiet valley where we raise our Wagyu cattle.

Cross Creek Ranch, Exceptional Meats

Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Cross Creek Ranch is home to the highest quality 100% Full Blooded Wagyu and authentic American Wagyu cattle in the US. At 2,300 acres, Cross Creek Ranch has the luxury of allowing our cattle 'room to roam' within a safe, stress-free environment ensuring that they get the right amount of exercise, fresh air, and rest to be at peak health. We know that happy cows are healthy cows, and happy healthy cows become amazing meat!


How do you ship my Wagyu meats?

Each shipment will arrive in a recyclable box lined with biodegradable insulated foam and packed with dry ice. Inside the box, your meat will arrive frozen or partially frozen, individually sealed, in air-tight packaging.

How quickly does my order ship?

Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats ships orders within 24 hours of receiving order, or on a specific date if requested. Packages are shipped via 2 Day Air Monday through Wednesday with arrival days being Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You will receive a tracking number when your package is shipped.

Is Wagyu meat "good" for you?

Traditionally, Wagyu has been known for its intramuscular fat (or "inside the muscle fat"), also known as "IMF". The fat in beef naturally contains Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) and Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA). However, Wagyu Beef IMF contains up to 20% more MUFA than other cattle breeds. More specifically, Wagyu contains a lot of monounsaturated Omega-9 Fatty Acids, also known as "Oleic Acid".

Researchers have shown that dietary oleic acid can reduce the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) blood cholesterol and possibly increase the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) blood cholesterol. Those who have heart disease and stroke are commonly concerned with LDL cholesterol, which is the "bad" cholesterol. In the presence of HDL, the body can eliminate cholesterol from the blood. It absorbs cholesterol and carries it to the liver. In addition to weight loss, HDL is associated with lowered inflammation and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

The fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 in Wagyu Beef are also important for overall health and must be obtained through food since the human body cannot make them. Healthy dietary fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids, can help to prevent illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, and Alzheimer's disease. In fact, Wagyu cows are considered healthier to eat than wild salmon because of their unique intramuscular fat!

Are there different kinds of Wagyu?


Technically, "Wagyu" means "Japanese Cow" and refers to four types of indigenous cattle native to Japan. However, when people refer to "Wagyu", they're in fact talking about the Japanese Black breed which has unsurpassed fat marbling and is often referred to as "Kuroge Washu".

According to the level of Kuroge Washu genetics and the location in which they were raised, Wagyu can be graded all the way from most auspicious to least auspicious.

  1. "Kobe Beef" and "Kobe Wagyu" are both names for the most prestigious of all Wagyu cattle. Japan's Hyogo Prefecture is home to the cows, which are reared under strict regulations and subject to growth and harvest regulations. Their genetic makeup is 100% Kuroge Washu. Kobe beef, if not imported from this little area of Japan and not documented, is not real "Kobe beef".
  2. The term "Full Blood Wagyu" refers to cattle that are genetically identical to Kobe Beef (100% genetically Kuroge Washu), but can be raised and harvested anywhere in Japan (or the world) and under less stringent regulations. Documentation of Wagyu genetic heritage is necessary for Full Blood Wagyu.
  3. Cross-bred cattle that are at least 93.75% Kuroge Washu are considered Purebred Wagyu. Cattle from these breeds are not regulated by any organization, but their meat is on par with Full Blood Wagyu. Documentation is usually not available for these cattle.
  4. The terms "American Wagyu" and "Australian Wagyu" refer to cattle raised in the United States (or Australia) with as little as 46% Kuroge Washu genetics. American Wagyu beef is known for its bold flavor and slightly more robust texture. Within these cross-bred cattle, there are grades that indicate how much Wagyu DNA they have. The number varies from "F1" (least) to "F4" (most).