Full Blood Wagyu beef steaks from our ranch.

  With genetics pulled from the most prestigious Japanese foundation Sires and Dams, our Full Blood Wagyu Beef is high in Omega Fatty Acids, low in Cholesterol, and consistently earns A4 and A5 equivalent grading on the MIJ-30 (Meat Imaging Japan) grading system.

The exquisite fat marbling, unique umami-rich flavor, and mind-melting tenderness of this healthy red meat are the perfect addition to your favorite steak, roast, soup, and casserole recipes and dishes.

Standard cuts such as Wagyu Filet Mignon Steak, Boneless Wagyu Ribeye Steak, Wagyu New York Strip Steak, and Wagyu Top Sirloin Steak are available.

Whether you choose to grill, smoke, or pan-sear your meat, these delectable cuts of Cross Creek Ranch Premium Full Blood Wagyu Beef will make a steakhouse out of your house tonight!.

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